You may unknowingly act illegally

Do you know what the law does not include in drains? All sanitary utensils, i.e. tampons, insoles and used condoms, are probably for all of course. In the same way, it is not allowed to flush the food residues into the toilet, and the oil should not come into the sink, for example, from the deep fat frating pot. When cleaning drains or subsequent filtration of water, not all chemicals and medications can be eliminated and therefore the hazardous substances are also illegal to be disposed of through the waste pipe.
Cosmetic catastrophe for Oceans
A few years ago there was literally a peeling boom, the miracle Microparticles began to be added not only to exfoliating preparations, but also to ordinary shower gels. The problem is that most of the available brands use plastic pieces, which leave behind not only delicate skin, but also entire islands that are flying oceans, as this small waste cannot be eliminated by conventional pipe maintenance.

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