Transport by deadline

Do you want to wait indefinitely, which day does the courier stop? Do you need to leave, you need to work normally and do not have to look after anyone in any respect? Then you will definitely use the optional pickup date service! Arrange with us, which day would suit you and you are done! We will come, we will take, we will deliver to the place! If you still choose Express shipping, you can be sure your package arrives at your final destination in a record date! We offer you many possibilities to simplify the overall forwarding as such! We offer you many opportunities to collaborate with professionals and save you a number of unloved surprises in the form of complaints or delivery of damaged goods!
The right approach
Our employees are telling you! They treat the tendered consignment carefully, not only during loading, but also during the whole trip! Do they select the shortest path with the top forwarding network and you? You can be sure that everything is the way you wish! Try our services once and you will see that cooperate with us, have the advantages and certainty!

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