Storage space is never enough

And in a family house with three children, this is doubly true. There were boxes of old children's toys, all sorts of dolls, plush and stout horns. The children grew up, but with my wife, we were sorry to throw the toys away. So many memories are bound to them. Finally, we decided on things to allocate part of the space in the basement. The boxes, however, were stacked on the other, and over time arose a pile that was unbearable. The neighbor advised us to acquire several practical plastic workshop cabinets. They are light, easy to manipulate and we can choose from more sizes according to the layout of the room.
Saved memories
Things fit beautifully, and even the most recent car has found its place. It was tidy without having to blow some things out or donate to someone. I believe that although the children are now not interested, as adults, they will remember the toys with Nosturia and they would like nothing to be thrown away. Only because of their own children.

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