Ice Cream Assorted Flavors

We offer various types of sorbets to prepare ice cream
We are engaged in the production and delivery of frozen products of high quality and excellent flavours. In addition to confectionery we supply also draught. You can prepare it from several types of mixtures, depending on what kind of preparation you prefer. Preparing for you will be a breeze, and you'll achieve a great result.
Ice cream is a delicious delicacy
You can prepare a draft from us in two main ways. The classic method of preparation is the production of powdering mixtures. The second way is to deliver the finished frozen mixture. These mixtures are designed for ice cream makers without a pump and with a pump.
Advantages of ready-made frozen mixtures
Ready-made frozen mixtures for draught ice cream have many advantages. You will save time in preparing them, do not mix them, their quality is stable, it is hygienic safe products with long shelf life.

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