Finally hanging

That's what it took. My wife was on a monthly treat and she would be home in a few days. Before leaving, I was constantly reminded and asked to replace the curtain. After the last day of boarding, she tried to wash the window. However, I know how they try to keep the household clean. Everyone who has little children knows what it all entails. But I was constantly at work, doing overtime and the free time I had really so little, I had to devote to children. They haven't seen me for almost a month. The grannies were beginning to ask where I was still. Was my spare time better devoted to the curtain? Certainly not. If it were only hanging, I would not hesitate. But it's not where you hang it yet. We have new plaster plasters.
Now I have too much free time left. I'm taking the kids and we're going to buy a pelmet together. I will not disappoint a wife.

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